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  • Does Thurber Jewelers Appraise Jewelry?
    Due to the presence of lab grown diamonds on the market we do not offer apprasials on jewelry with stones, unless it was bought from our store.
  • Does Thurber Jewelers Buy Gold?
    Yes! We buy gold and silver for "melt value". This means the value of the gold and silver when it has been separeted from its alloys. The metal market moves every day, so the monetary value will be based on the day you bring it in to sell.
  • Store Hours
    Monday - Friday 10am - 6pm Saturday 10am - 3pm Sunday Closed *Hours are subject to change during the holiday season.*
  • How Long do Repairs Take?
    Repairs on jewelry generally take 2 weeks, however during the holiday season expect up to three weeks for repairs. We can put a "Rush" on your item for an extra $10.00, and you will only wait a week. Watch repairs are longer than standard jewelry repairs, we normally estimate 4-6 weeks.
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