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Crown Jewelry and Time 1-Year Limited Service and Parts Warranty

We offer up to a Full 1-Year Service and Parts Warranty on all mechanical watches we service and/or sell.

Watches that exhibit symptoms of gaining time, losing time or otherwise not keeping time outside the reasonable expectations of that specific watch and capabilities of its particular movement will be covered under this 1-Year Warranty by Crown Jewelry and Time (CJT). In the event of a valid warranty claim, the watch will be serviced by our Swiss-trained technicians and returned to you in proper working order. By repairing or adjusting any watch under this warranty, the warranty period will not be extended from date of service but rather remain under warranty from the original date of purchase. Any modern parts installed by CJT will be guaranteed to perform as intended within declared warranty period. If timepiece purchased from CJT is subject to a 3rd party warranty then 3rd party warranty will take precedence and govern said timepiece; this warranty will not be applicable beyond what is contractually obligated between CJT and 3rd party warranty-issuer.

A practical explanation of possible expectations pertaining to your purchase:
Accuracy Expectations: All watches are adjusted and regulated in multiple positions to ensure proper accuracy. However, depending on the age of the watch, the movement may not be “capable” of maintaining accuracy levels to that of a new watch. While a NEW watch may be accurate to within 3 seconds per day, a VINTAGE* timepiece may be no better than 1-3 minutes per day or more, even though we at CJT are able to adjust and regulate most vintage timepieces to well-within 20 seconds per day. Even when you buy a NEW Rolex from an authorized dealer the accuracy is never “guaranteed”. The COSC certification merely states that AT THE TIME OF TESTING the accuracy of the movement was capable of passing COSC standards. Once the watch is sold there is NEVER a “guarantee” as to the accuracy any watch can maintain. We denote all time-keeping capabilities of every watch we sell.

What’s not covered under this warranty?
• External wear and tear from regular daily use.
• External damage to the watch including the watch case, crystal/glass, bracelet, strap, band, bezel, screws, crown/stem, finishes, clasps/buckles or any other physical damage.
• Defects caused by outside force such as improper use or any incidental damages that may occur by dropping, banging, knocking or crushing the watch.
• Improper operating of features outside manufacture-suggested instructions such as date quickset (setting date within 20h range), chronograph (resetting chronograph while running) and over-winding vintage timepieces.
• Lost or missing gemstones from bezel or other outer portions of the watch.
• Any water or moisture damage that may occur. While we do replace gaskets and pressure test watches that are manufactured for such purposes, we caution our clients that using their watch in submerged water will be done so at their own risk. Moisture appearing under the crystal/glass can be a common occurrence in warmer/humid times of the year when unscrewing the crown to either wind or set the time will allow air to enter the watch case and a sudden change in temperature (i.e. entering/leaving air conditioning) can cause the new, warmer air to precipitate leaving beads of water visible.
• Alterations, repairs, custom-work, tampering or otherwise opening the case via third parties will render this warranty null and void.
• Movement components or parts NOT installed by CJT or otherwise original to the watch are not covered if they fail.
• VINTAGE* genuine parts installed by CJT are not covered against failing under this warranty. These parts are more likely to fail over time due to age, regardless of any overhauls or cleaning that is performed. While every effort is made to source the finest VINTAGE genuine parts, when installed and in-use, normal daily stresses can cause seemingly adequate parts to fail or break for a number of reasons including dated manufacturing methods, imperceptible metal fatigue or original, adjacent parts wearing and transferring strain. VINTAGE timepieces, for the purpose of this warranty, are to be considered any timepiece originally manufactured in the year 1990 or prior.
• CHRONOGRAPH timepieces originally manufactured in the year 2000 or prior are NOT applicable to this 1-year warranty.

To obtain warranty service:

You must email CrownJewelryandTime@gmail.com with subject line “Warranty Claim”. Please include your name, phone number, brief description of item, date of purchase and photo(s) (optional) in the main email body. A return phone call will be made to you whereupon you will receive a Warranty Claim Number and shipping instructions (also included in a return email for your records). CJT will cover all shipping and insurance expenses during claim process. After CJT receives timepiece please allow a maximum of 10 business days to fully inspect and process your warranty claim. Repair and/or part lead time will then be denoted to you and timepiece will be returned in fully functioning condition as was stated at time of sale.


**Return Policy**

Every sale is entitled to a 24-hour inspection period beginning from delivery time, per carrier’s entry of signature confirmation by recipient.  Any return claims must be made within this 24-hour period or purchased item will not be eligible for full reimbursement.  To file a return claim, please call or email Crown Jewelry and Time to receive a return claim number and further instructions.


In the event of a valid return, a shipping label will be provided to you via email by CJT to ensure the item is fully insured; you will be billed for shipping label.  Item must be delivered to carrier location within 48 hours for return claim to remain valid.  Upon arrival of item to CJT, your returned item will be inspected and claim processed within a period of no longer than 10 business days from date of arrival per carrier’s signature confirmation entry.  Verifying no alterations, exterior blemishes having occurred in customer presence and/or completion of set (boxes, papers, additional links when applicable) are returned as were shipped, your reimbursement will be made in full minus above stated return shipping label.


Any returns claimed outside of the 24-hour period are eligible for our “Buy-Back policy” and will vary depending upon the type of watch, current condition, completion of set, current market trends, etc.



Crown Jewelry and Time/Thurber Jewelers are not associated with nor affiliates of watch brands listed for sale on this site or in-store including Rolex SA or Cartier International AG. We are independent dealers and are not authorized resellers of the watches listed.  Watches for sale are pre-owned and certified by Crown Jewelry and Time; all warranties are provided by Crown Jewelry and Time.  Unless stated otherwise, all watches stated as “serviced” are done so via Crown Jewelry and Time.  All specific model names and trademarks of brands are the sole property of those brands.

Thank you for your continued business!

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