Jeweler working on a ring repair. Ring resizing. Re-sizing. Sizing. Resizing a ring with a torch. Jewelry repair. Ring resizing. Ring sizing. Ring re-sizing.



Did you know that finger size can be different for different rings? The width of your ring will change the way it fits. The shape, design, and curvature of the inside can even be factors! Our expert staff will work with you and your ring to get the perfect fit.

Goldsmith working with a ring to cut sizing stock and add gold. Resizing a ring. Ring mandrel. Ring resizing. Re-sizing. Jewelry repair.


Our expert goldsmiths will determine the best way to adjust your ring, adding gold or platinum as necessary to increase its size. Using precise techniques and years of experience, they will size the ring, then polish it to a showroom shine. When we've done our job right, you won't be able to tell it's been done!

Goldsmith measuring to cut sizing stock and resize a ring. Resize gold ring. Resize platinum ring. Ring sizing. Ring resizing. Ring re-sizing.

Whether your ring was purchased here or elsewhere, count on us to make it fit!

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Please remember that we must measure the ring and finger before work can begin. While we love a surprise, we have found that rings sized for a person not present rarely fit. Likewise, we can't measure for a ring that is not in our possession.