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There's just nothing like shine of a brand new ring, clean and sparkling. At Thurber Jewelers, we want to help keep it looking that beautiful, every time you look at it!

Bring your jewelry to us for a complimentary inspection. We'll check the stones and prongs to ensure everything is tight. We will identify and explain any work that needs to be done, then discuss options to clean, polish and plate it, keeping it in tip-top shape!


Our basic cleaning service will utilize an ultrasonic cleaner and steam to remove any debris from your ring's metal and stones, including hidden debris beneath the stones.


To achieve a true, showroom- new appearance, allow us to fully refinish your ring. This includes deep buffing to remove fine scratches and signs of wear, returning your ring to a bright, brand new quality shine.

Starting at $10.00 for sterling silver, $15.00 for yellow gold, and $25.00 for platinum.


Did you know that white gold jewelry is commonly plated with rhodium, after it is made?

Because white gold naturally has a soft yellow hue, rhodium is used to give it the bright shine and luster that we are used to seeing.

In addition to adding to the beauty of your jewelry, rhodium is also hypo-allergenic, For those with metal sensitivities, rhodium plating can prevent skin irritation and discomfort.

Over time, rhodium can wear off, from the general rigors of use: wear and tear (friction), chemical exposure (soaps, makeup, cleaning products, hand sanitizer and more), and from contact with other jewelry and rings.

It is recommended to have your jewelry plated again 1-2 times per year, or whenever a dull yellow color becomes visible.

Thurber Jewelers offers re-plating services for all rhodium plated gold jewelry. Most jobs can be completed the same day they are dropped off, often while you wait.

Starting at $59.00.

Please stop by our showroom today for a complimentary inspection of your jewelry. We'll let you know if plating is recommended, and provide a simple quote before any work is started.