An ancient technique involving an intricate process of bending and twisting multiple types of stainless steel together, the art of Damascus Steel was nearly lost to history. Modern metal science has allowed current designers to resurrect the skill, bringing the material once used for Samarai swords and fine cutlery to mens' jewelry.


This bracelet features Damascus steel, inlayed with black plating within its recesses, for deeper definition. The unique pattern of the metal ensures that no two are alike. A stainless steel curb chain attaches to each side of the center piece, for a secure, masculine design. A fold-over clasp at the back closes the bracelet, with a second clasp attached to extend the length. This additional clasp may also be removed to shorten the bracelet, if necessary.


Bracelet measures 8.5" with second clasp attached.

Men's Stainless Steel Curb Link Bracelet with Black Damascus Steel Accent

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