There is truly nothing like the beauty and fire of a diamond. Until recently, diamonds were only found in mines, in far away lands, and came with large price tags. Today, technology has given us more options, with diamonds born in laboratories available in addition to those found in mines.


Laboratory grown diamonds are chemically and scientifically the same as diamonds from mines, but are grown using high pressure, temperature and radiation, under controlled conditions. The finished crystals are cut and faceted, just like stones from the ground. The hardness and beauty are the same, but the price is often more reasonable. 


Also known as "Eco Diamonds," lab grown diamonds are considered by some to be more environmentally friendly, as no hole must be dug in the Earth to find them. Although today's standards provide safe conditions for mine workers and tradespeople, some also consider lab grown diamonds to be a more ethical and socially conscious choice, as there is no chance of unfair labor or export practices.


This beautiful solitaire pendant is the perfect way to show off the beauty of a diamond. A simple white gold setting is attached to a white gold chain by a split bail, holding the stone seurely while keeping eyes on the stone. 


At nearly a carat in weight, this diamond is professionally graded by GCAL, and laser etched with a serial number to guarantee its authenticity. It is accompanied by a certificate, for your personal reference or insurance purposes.


Includes 18" 14K white gold chain. Other chain lengths and shapes also available, sold separately.


More information about laboratory grown stones can be found here.

14K White Gold and 0.96ct Lab Grown Diamond Solitaire Pendant

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