All about them Guys!

We spend a lot of time talking about ladies and their tastes, likes and helping you find the perfect gift for them. But what about the guys? We are seeing that you love jewelry too and that is awesome. We picked out a few of our favorite "guy pieces" that we think you'll love too!

Inspired by pirates and seafaring navigators, this pendant features a nautical compass design in stainless steel. Black plating accents the piece for enhanced definition. Whatever direction he's going, he will love wearing this necklace!

Men's Stainless Steel Nautical Compass Pendant with Black Stainless Steel Chain

Exemplifying "tough," both in the appearance of the bracelet and in the personality of the man who wears it, this chain bracelet is the epitome of masculinity. Featuring a classic double spiga shape with a satin finish, this is an everlasting classic. Features an easy to use, fold-over clasp closure.

Men's Stainless Steel Double Spiga Bracelet with Satin Finish

Taking inspiration from Native American arrowheads, this pendant features a hammered texture in gun metal finished, black stainless steel. Strong and fierce, this is the perfect statement piece for the tough guy with fashion sense.

Men's Black Stainless Steel Hammered Gun Metal Antiqued Arrowhead Pendant

Complex links connect together to form this stylish bracelet. Two individual double foxtail link chains are woven together with black and blue wax cord for a truly unique look. Whether you wear it for the style and class of the design, or because the blue stripe represents your support for law enforcement, this is the perfect bracelet to wear daily. Easy to use, sliding magnetic clasp includes second clasp to allow shortening bracelet length.

Men's Black Stainless Steel Double Foxtail Link Bracelet With Blue Woven Cord

Drawing design cues from soldier's dog tags, this pendant features a classic shape with a twist. An enameled American flag design is accented with a red stripe, to honor "The Thin Red Line" and firefighters everywhere. Celebrating the heroes who serve our community, this is truly an inspired piece.

Men's Stainless Steel American Flag "Thin Red Line" Firefighter's Flag Pendant

Come on in and check out our wonderful selection of guys jewelry and lets find him the perfect present today!

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