Lab grown emerald stones. Stones with lab equipment Synthetic stones. Eco friendly flawless emeralds.

Today's jewelry shopper has more options than ever. In addition to  diamonds and gemstones found in mines around the world, the option of gemstones and diamonds grown in a laboratory is now a reality as well.

We are proud to offer the world's finest diamonds and gemstones, of all varieties. This includes colored gems grown in laboratories, such as those grown by Chatham. It also includes laboratory grown diamonds and Moissanite.

Lab created rough diamonds before cutting and faceting to become jewelry quality gems.

Science allows gem labs to replicate the perfect conditions for stone growth, creating beautiful crystals, ready to cut and facet into jewelry grade diamonds and gemstones,

Laboratory grown stones can be difficult to tell apart from those grown in nature. For this reason, we will always explain and disclose laboratory stones before working with them. Certificates are provided with these stones, identifying their origin.

In the same way that farms cultivate seeds that produce fruit and vegetables with the flavor, appearance and pest resistance that is most desirable, scientists in laboratories use ideal conditions to produce beautiful diamonds and gemstones!  

Diamond laboratory producing gems.

The confusion caused by these stones can be a concern. Even the most skilled gemologist can have a hard time telling lab grown and mined stones apart.

As jewelers, we must be very careful to keep them separate.

If you prefer not to own laboratory grown gemstones, simply tell us during your purchase or repair experience, and we'll make sure they are not used.

There are also benefits to laboratory grown stones, which many customers find attractive. For example, many colored gemstones grown in the laboratory are more perfect examples than can be commonly found in nature, making their color more brilliant and their clarity exceptional. They can also cost less than their mined counterparts.

Lab grown diamonds and gemstones have fewer ethical concerns, as the removal of the mining process eliminates concerns over environmental impact and fair labor.

Some stores sell only earth- mined, or only lab created stones, reducing their clients' options. We believe in offering the most possible choices and making them as easy to understand as possible.

The choice is yours, but Thurber Jewelers is here to help and provide advice,

no matter which beautiful stone you prefer!