Cnnoisseur Diamond Dazzle Drops Cleaner with Hand Model an Diamond Jewelry. Example of Jewelry Cleaning at Home

Like your home, vehicle, and other important items, your jewelry requires special care and maintenance to keep it looking beautiful while lasting a lifetime. With the proper care, your rings, pendants, bracelets, and more will become heirlooms for your family to enjoy for generations to come. Here are some tips to get started.


Visit Thurber Jewelers for a jewelry inspection. We're glad to check your items for wear and tear, loose or missing stones, and more. While it's here, we'll professionally clean and polish your jewelry to return it to showroom new condition.

White gold jewelry is plated with rhodium to give it the bright silvery shine it's known for. We'll also check for wear and tear on your jewelry's outer layer, and can usually perform plating services the same day if the rhodium has worn away.

If you ever feel anything sharp or unusual on your jewelry, stop wearing it and bring it to us right away! It's better to be safe than sorry!


Jewelry is sensitive. Avoiding activities and materials that can cause damage is the first step to longer lasting shine and beauty. 

Don't expose your jewelry to chemicals, such as household cleaners, chlorine, soaps and shampoos, hand sanitizer, lotion, garden supplies, or food.

Remove your jewelry when working out, swimming, gardening, cooking, working on craft and home improvement projects, and bathing.

Store your jewelry in a safe place, such as the box or satin bag it came in, a special jewelry dish, or a soft lined jewelry box when not wearing it. Never store your jewelry in liquid.


While some home remedies can work wonders, don't take risks with your jewelry. Many treatments found in non conventional places can cause serious damage to your stones and metals. What makes for a bright shine may also cause a long term problem!

Toothpaste, dish soap, and food items are some examples of bad cleaning advice.


We recommend Connoisseurs cleaning products, and carry a wide array in our showroom. Always follow the package instructions when using any chemical cleaner.

Connoisseurs Jewelry Cleaning products. Examples of home jewelry cleaning products. How to clean your jewelry at home safely.

Jar cleaners are tailor made for the type of jewelry they clean best. A convenient basket inside the jar makes it easy to dip your items, without losing them inside.

Special jewelry cloths are designed to lightly hand buff your metals after cleaning, to brighten them and remove tarnish from silver.

Always check the type of metal your ring is made from before selecting a cleaner as the wrong one can cause discoloration or permanent damage.

Connoisseurs Dazzle Drops jewelry cleaners. Examples of products for cleaning jewelry at home.

You'll also find a brand new cleaner in our showroom; Dazzle Drops. Try this concentrated version of our popular jewelry cleaner for silver and gold to clean your jewelry without reusing the same dirty solution over and over. Apply directly to the item to be cleaned, or add to water in the included jar to create a fresh batch.

Connoisseurs Diamond Dazzle Stik cleaning product. Cleaner for diamonds and gems on the go. Home cleaning product for jewelry. Portable jewelry cleaner.

Diamond Dazzle Stick is a quick and easy way to touch up your jewelry and bring out the shine. Keep one by the sink or in your purse and always sparkle the brightest!

When visiting our showroom, please ask for our recommendation and advice with cleaning products. We're happy to help with your selection and always have you covered!