Choosing the perfect diamond can feel complicated.  As your local jeweler, it is our pride and pleasure to guide you through the process.  Let us act as your diamond concierge, introducing you to the perfect, beautiful stone.


Any jeweler will tell you to look for "the four c's" when shopping for diamonds. Cut, color, clarity, and carat weight are important, but a diamond's beauty can't be measured by these standards alone. Just like you wouldn't choose a dog based only upon her pedigree, you need to meet a diamond in person to know it's the one. As diamond experts, we never buy a diamond "sight unseen," and you shouldn't, either. We'll help you narrow down the choices, then bring them in from the world over to look at in our showroom. Don't settle for just any diamond... insist on YOUR diamond. That's the Thurber Jewelers way!


Thurber Jewelers diamond cut grade chart. Ideal - Very Good - Good - Fair - Shine brighter at Thurber Jewelers!

Each facet on your diamond has an effect on its sparkle. Two diamonds with similar characteristics can look completely different if their facets are not cut with the perfect precision and symmetry. We'll rule out the poor performers and ensure you select a diamond with the fire and sparkle to wow her every time she looks at her hand!

Thurber Jewelers Diamond Shape Chart - Round - Princess - Emerald Cut - Oval
Thurber Jewelers Diamond Shape Chart - Marquise - Pear Shape - Asscher - Radiant Cut
Thurber Jewelers Diamond Shape Chart - Heart Shape - Cushion Cut - Baguette - Trillion

Whichever shape suits your fancy, precision is important. The beauty measured by your eyes can't be quantified with laboratory grades alone. We'll go beyond measurements and numbers to ensure your diamond sparkles like no other. 


Although we usually think of diamonds as being clear, or "white" in color, there is a wide variation in tone and shade. Whiter diamonds can appear to sparkle more, while those with a yellow or brown tint can appear "warmer" when slightly colored, or dull when more strongly shaded. A diamond's color grade is a way of measuring a diamond's relative color against others. You can find your diamond's color grade on its stone certificate or your written appraisal.

Thurber Jewelers Diamond Color Chart - D-E-F-G-H Colorless to Nearly Colorless Diamonds
Thurber Jewelers Diamond Color Chart - I-J-K-M-N-R-S-Z Slightly Tinted - Faint Yellow - Very Light Yellow - Light Yellow Diamonds


Because diamonds occur naturally, below the Earth's surface, they are not always composed of one clear crystal. Conditions during the time in which the stone formed can cause the presence of white or black areas, cavities, and other abnormalities. Few diamonds are completely free of such inclusions, but jewelry is generally more desirable when made from those which are "eye clean," or contain only inclusions too small to be seen without magnification. A diamond's clarity grade is listed on its laboratory certificate or appraisal, and can be helpful in making a choice. Your eye is always the best judge though, and we'll help you compare to find the perfect fit. 

Thurber Jewelers Diamond Clarity Chart - Slightly Included - Included - SI1 -SI2 - SI3 - I1 - I2 - I3
Thurber Jewelers Diamond Clarity Chart - Flawless - Internally Flawless - Very Very Slighltly Included - Very Slightl Included - IF - VVS1 - VVS2 - VS1 - VS2


The final "c" in diamond classification stands for "carat weight," the way in which jewelers measure a diamond's size. Because weight includes the entire stone, not just the diameter, which is visible when wearing it in a ring, diamonds of the same weight can vary in visible size, depending on how they are cut. When helping you to select a diamond, we will help you to find a balance between the best possible cut, and the best visible size.

Thurber Jewelers Diamond Size Chart  - 2.00ct - 2.50ct - 3.00ct - 2ct - 2.5ct - 3ct
Thurber Jewelers Diamond Size Chart  - 0.25ct - 0.50ct = 0.75ct  1.00ct - 1.50ct - 1/2ct - 1/5ct - 3/4ct - 1ct - 1.5ct

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The Thurber Jewelers Difference

When you make your diamond purchase with Thurber Jewelers, you're buying more than a stone. You're buying the experience and reputation that has made us a Minnesota institution since 1946. 

Our experts don't want to talk you into a diamond that is pre-set in a ring: We don't want to hide an inferior stone's undesirable qualities. We just want to help you find the perfect stone for you and your family. We'll take the time to help you do it right.

Many of our diamonds come with a lifetime upgrade guarantee. If you decide to upgrade to a bigger or better diamond later, we'll buy it back at the same price you paid us, applied to the purchase of your new diamond. Ask us for details.

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