All retail jewelry and certified pre-owned watches purchased from Thurber Jewelers come with a free Insurance Appraisal for your convenience.  For all other items requiring current appraisals – recently-acquired estate jewelry, pieces purchased elsewhere or items with outdated appraisals – please review our rates below for a service that best-suits your needs.  


Prior to bringing in your valuables for our secure check-in process, please procure any and all applicable receipts, laboratory reports, previous appraisals and related documentation to help us expedite the lead time completing your appraisal(s).  


All Insurance Appraisals are performed by our in-house, GIA-trained gemologists and are presented to you on company letterhead with multiple colored photos, narrative of item, dimensions of item and detailed specifications of all diamonds/gemstones (when applicable) including the 4C’s and colored stone properties.  Multiple hard copies will be provided; 1 for your insurance agent/company and 1 for your personal records.  All appraisals are kept on our secure server for future updates and reprints (nominal fee applied) for when necessary.  


An Insurance Appraisal performed by a trained professional is critical in obtaining insurance coverage for your valuables.  Industry experts recommend an updated Insurance Appraisal be performed approx. every 2 years.  Please, allow us to grant you peace of mind in knowing your valuables are protected for years to come. 

Jewelry Insurance Appraisal Fee Schedule:


  • $100.00/ea....Insurance Appraisal, 4-business day max lead time. No appointment necessary.

  • $150.00/ea....Expedited Insurance appraisal, Same-day lead time; item(s) must be checked-in before 12pm.  Appointment Required.  

  • $225.00/ea....Executive Insurance Appraisal, 1-hour lead time; 2pc max per hour; item(s) must be checked-in before 12pm.  Appointment Required.


  • $350/hour....Bulk-rate Insurance Appraisals, 4 business day max lead time; 6pc or more required to qualify; typically able to complete 4 - 5pc/hr; estimation given at time of check-in.  No appointment necessary.

  • $700/hour....Expedited Bulk-rate Insurance Appraisals, Same-day lead time; items must be checked-in before 11am.  6pc or more required to qualify; typically able to complete 4 - 5pc/hr; estimation given at time of check-in.  Appointment Required.


Watch Insurance Appraisal Fee Schedule:


  • $125.00/ea....Insurance Appraisal, 4 business day max lead time. No appointment necessary..

  • $200.00/ea....Expedited Insurance appraisal, Same-day lead time; item(s) must be checked-in before 12pm. Appointment Required.

  • $300.00/ea....Executive Insurance Appraisal, 1-hour lead time; 2pc max per hour; item(s) must be checked-in before 12pm.  Appointment Required.

Bring your jewelry or fine watch to us for a detailed, written insurance appraisal. Our GIA trained appraiser will measure, weigh and grade your piece to ensure an accura...
Insurance Appraisal
1 hr
Price Varies


Thurber Jewelers is proud to partner with Crown Jewelry and Time to offer on-the-spot sale valuations and estate consultations available by appointment and walk-in during select hours.


Do you have unwanted jewelry, coins, watches or diamonds? Are you the family catch-all for jewelry boxes, sterling flatware and collectibles? Speak with our qualified evaluators for a personalized, no-obligation experience in a relaxed atmosphere about your items. 


How it works:

  1. Call ahead or book an appointment online to schedule a time that works best for you.

  2. Gather and bring in any items you would like evaluated. A private office setting is available for larger quantities.

  3. We’ll sort through your items for you whether it’s a box of jewelry or coffee can full of coins, free of charge! No quantities too small or large.

  4. As we sort through your items, we will explain the market values and our evaluation process so you can be best-informed before making any sale decisions.

  5. A written offer will be provided to you on letterhead per item/groups of items for your consideration whether selling on-the-spot or to take home and discuss with all parties included.  Take-home offers will have a stated timeframe of validity discussed at the time of appointment. If you decide to accept our offer, we’ll write you a company check that you can cash/deposit that day with no hidden fees.  The amount we offer is what you’ll receive.



In courtesy of your valuable time, a few points to consider:

  • Jewelry – As styles are ever-changing, dated jewelry items may not be practical in style for reselling as a finished piece.  Coupling that with the truly personal nature that accompanies the majority of jewelry purchases, most estate jewelry is repurposed for it’s gold, silver and diamond values, BUT we do pay more for resaleable and rare pieces.

  • Coins – Coin collecting has evolved over the years to say the least.  The days of filling in the iconic Blue Books with every date has all but disappeared from the hobby leaving most coins’ values determinant upon their silver value for trading and investing purposes.  Being numismatists for decades, we still are able to find and pay-up for collectible coins when presented bearing the current market in mind. 

  • Diamonds – Many considerations come into play when purchasing diamonds; from market trends to each stone’s unique characteristics including the 4C’s, shape of cut, size to weight ratios, wholesale options compared to outright purchase options, etc. Rest assured, we will explain in detail our evaluation process and reasoning for our price structure when considering your diamonds for purchase.

  • Watches – All watches are considered although many are not resaleable in a retail format. Rarity, market demand, condition, brand recognition, and service history/requirements play major roles in a pre-owned watch’s final purchase price.  Crown Jewelry and Time is a national-market dealer working with numerous independent jewelers and dealers in buying and selling, servicing and appraising watches.

  • Other items we consider for purchase: Pocket Watches, Paper Currency including Silver Certificates, US Notes, National Currency, Gold Certificates, Large-size notes, $500/$1000 bills, 1950s and earlier Militaria, 1950s and earlier Sports Trading Cards, Vintage costume jewelry, Fountain pens, Vintage mechanical banks, 1920s post cards, Autographs, Vintage toys and more.


Do you have something not listed? Call or email us and we’ll be happy to discuss it!

Schedule an appointment to show your item(s) to our Estate buyer and receive a fair offer on the spot. Schedule online or call ahead to make an appointment. Quantities ...
Sale Valuation/Estate Consultation
30 min
No Charge
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